Handheld UV-A LED Lights

Wide selection of compact but extremely durable handheld UV-A LED lights with waterproof characteristics and high IP class. IP class varies from IP65 (totally protected against dust and low pressure water jets) to IP68 (totally protected against dust and long periods of immersion under pressure) depending on your choice of a model. Our handheld UV-A lights produce a large and uniform beam size and a UV-A intensities to satisfy all internal requirements of PRIMES. All Labino handheld UV-A LED lights are penetrant resistant.

    Hercules Ex UV-A LED light

    〈〈〈 2-YEAR WARRANTY 〉〉〉

    Designed upon request of the military, Hercules is probably the most durable and shockproof UV-A light in the world today, suitable for any "heavy duty" environment. Accidentally Dropped it, kicked it, run it over by a tank, baked it in an oven? - it will still work! - The battery is inside the light, you don't need to worry it got smashed like ordinary lights. Four years after its introduction to market, Hercules Ex has a track record of ZERO failed LEDs.

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    Hercules Ex is the first and only UV-A inspection light on the market today with explosion proof approvals that complies with ASTM E3022-18 and all PRIMES requirements, including Rolls-Royce RRES 90061 and Airbus AITM6-1001.

    Labino is undergoing regular audits to maintain the explosion proof status of Hercules Ex. Our auditor on this product is Intertek. Hercules Ex ATEX certification number is ITS17ATEX402144X.

    If anyone offers you an explosion proof product, you should ask for the certification number and check its authenticity online. All certificates can be retrieved online. There are numerous fake products without certifications offered in the marketplace. Don´t take "trust me" for an answer.


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    MB 2.0 Series UV-A LED light

    Certified with an ingress protection marking of IP68 Waterproof, this light and compact lamp has been designed for heavy industries with a very difficult operating environment, as well as for use by the military.

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    MB HERMES NATO STOCK NUMBER (NSN): 6635640002214


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    BB 2.0 Series UV-A LED light

    〈〈〈 2-YEAR WARRANTY 〉〉〉

    Powerful, penetrant resistant and with an Ingress Protection 68 (IP68 Waterproof).

    Beam profile is the largest and smoothest than any other portable UV-A light on the market today. Depending on the BB 2.0 Series model (Ikaros, Helios, Artemis), the beam diameter is 10-11 inches / 26-28 cm and with intensities that vary from ≈ 4 000 to 22 000 μW/cm2.

    Selected models have been tested to comply with ASTM E3022-18, Rolls-Royce RRES 90061 and Airbus AITM6-1001. Battery running times are up to 7 hours.

    Members of the US military should ask for BB 2.0 Helios (PN for AC powered: L1076, PN for Battery powered: L1077).

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