Words from the CEO

Warm greetings to you from the Labino team, the global leader in high quality UV Inspection lights and measurement instruments.

It is often said by business leaders that innovation is everything. At Labino, innovative thinking and products is business as usual. That is why browsing through our website you will find products that are original and cannot be found elsewhere. We are proud to be a source of inspiration for the industry with our first to market products. Enjoy using our explosion proof UV LED lights, penetrant resistant UV LED lights, wireless UV meters, remote controlled UV LED lights and more.

“Amongst our many repeat customers are some of our largest competitors”

Amongst our many repeat customers are some of our largest competitors. That by itself puts an end to the discussion of innovation and leadership in this segment, terminologies so loosely used these days. Each time a Labino distributor sends us a purchase order or a purchase request, from a competitor, we share it with all Labino staff and our associates to remind us who we are. The company that leads the world in Ultraviolet inspection equipment. The library is full.