UV Lights in Compliance with ASTM E3022-18 Standard

The ASTM E3022-18 is a standard released in September 2015 and contains manufacturers’ requirements for LED UV-A lights used in fluorescent penetrant and magnetic particle testing. This standard was adopted by E1417-13 as well. Each Labino light referred to in this section is measured in accordance with the standard and a serialized unit test report is included with each light. A type test report that contains more detailed data can be supplied on request.

 What is ASTM E3022-18 and why do we need it?

    GX Series

    Modular overhead UV system that allows you to design the desired covered area by mounting together multiple units. GX Orion is the only overhead UV system on the market that is certified with an ingress protection marking of IP68 Waterproof, making it an extremely useful tool for inspection areas with excessive liquids.  

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    BB Series

    Powerful handheld UV light that produces a large beam, useful for covering large areas, widely used either in the field, on an MPI bench or a penetrant line.  

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    MB Series

    Certified with an ingress protection marking of IP68 Waterproof, this light and compact lamp has been designed for heavy industries with a very difficult operating environment, as well as for use by the military. MB Hermes has a NATO Stock Number (NSN): 6240-14-5916262  

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    UVG3 Midlight

    Small, light and powerful, the UVG torch is a convenient tool for quick inspections.  

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    UVG5 Midlight

    UVG headlight is compact, light and adjustable that frees your hands during inspections.  

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