GEM / Mineral Inspection

Labino UV lights, are used by gemologists, jewelers and hobbyists alike to identify the correct minerals either at a work environment or out in the open. Some minerals have the ability to temporarily absorb a small amount of light and release it at a different wavelength. This change in wavelength causes a temporary color change of the mineral, making it visible to the naked eye.

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    MB Series

    Certified with an ingress protection marking of IP68 Waterproof, this light and compact lamp has been designed for heavy industries with a very difficult operating environment, as well as for use by the military. View Hercules Ex Video MB Hermes has a NATO Stock Number (NSN): 6635-64-000-2214  

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    BB Series

    Powerful handheld UV light that produces a large beam, useful for covering large areas, widely used either in the field, on an MPI bench or a penetrant line. BB Series carries an IP65 certification.  

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    UVG Series

    Small, light and powerful, UVG torch is a convenient tool for quick inspections. UVG headlight is compact, light and adjustable that frees your hands during inspections.  

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    SX Series

    Light handheld device producing an extremely high UV intensity for use either inhouse or on the field by simply switching the docking device of mains with battery, both fit on the same lamp.  

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