BB 2.0 Series – New product

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The BB 2.0 Series is penetrant resistant and has Ingress Protection 68 (IP68 Waterproof). It has a new optical system with 8 UV LEDs. The beam profile is probably the largest and smoothest of any handheld UV light on the market today. Depending on the model, the beam diameter is 10-11 inches / 26-28 cm.

The BB 2.0 Ikaros and BB 2.0 Helios maintain the existing intensities, of ≈ 4,000 μw/cm2 and ≈ 9,000 μw/cm2 respectively. Therefore they maintain their compliance for ASTM E3022-18 (BB 2.0 Ikaros and BB 2.0 Helios), Rolls Royce RRES 90061 (BB 2.0 Ikaros) and Airbus AITM6-1001 (BB 2.0 Ikaros). The battery life for BB 2.0 Ikaros has improved to 7 hours and for BB 2.0 Helios to 6 hours.

BB 2.0 Artemis is the most powerful handheld UV LED light in the world with UV intensity in excess of ≈ 22,000 μw/cm2. This model is even more powerful than the MPXL 135 Series midlight. It is in compliance with ASTM E3022-18.

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