Select the Correct UV-A Meter for your NDT Needs

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During our long experience in participating in committees that shape standards and the direction of the NDT profession, groups are seldom competent enough to combine the practical and the theoretical requirements into a competent industry standard. The competent are typically a minority. Committees and Standards are surrounded by distributors, sales managers, manufacturers that have no intention of going the extra mile to create a better framework for products and procedures. UV meters and UV calibrations are a perfect example.

It is shameful that the NDT profession in the year 2023 does not have any competent requirements for the calibration of UV meters. Many calibration shops have very little capabilities, no traceability, no proven procedures, no certifications, only whatever they were taught from the previous guy. Any competent standards written in the past have been scrapped and replaced by naïve definitions that make no technical sense but allows sales people to continue selling products and services without anyone asking any questions. Committees fiercely resisted institutionalizing audited certifications because that exposes UV meter manufacturers and UV calibration labs that are not good enough.

It is your responsibility as a Level I, II and III or sourcing manager to ask the right questions. ISO 17025 certification is the ONLY certification that is audited by an external auditor and the only certification that is a proof of someone’s competence. All UV meter manufacturers and all UV Calibration labs should be ISO 17025 certified. Why are you then paying $1500 for a UV meter and $250 for a UV meter calibration if not to be sure that the UV meter measures accurately. There is a reason why Aerospace organizations have different UV intensity requirements – Airbus, Boeing, Pratt & Whitney, USAF, Rolls-Royce. How do you know you are in compliance with their procedures if you cannot measure with confidence?

It is in the best interests of the NDT profession to eliminate grey areas, institutionalize competent certifications and have as many ISO 17025 certified companies as possible so that competent younger people replace the old generation. Time for change!

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