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Labino AB would like to caution its customers and encourage them to order Labino products from authorized Labino distributors only. Labino AB has identified several manufacturers of NDT products from low-cost countries that manufacture products to bear a resemblance to the Labino product portfolio.

Labino products are supplied with a Labino certificate of compliance including test reports indicating compliance with ASTM E3022-15, Rolls-Royce 90061 and Airbus AITM6-1001 as applicable, are signed by a Labino Senior Technician and carry a unique Labino serial number.

To avoid fake explosion proof products from low cost countries that falsely make use of the unique ATEX EX mark, always ask for the ATEX certification number and check the authenticity of that certification number online as ALL authentic ATEX certificates are available online. All manufacturers are obligated to disclose this number on their literature.

There are several UV torches from low cost countries, sadly, some re branded by western companies, that falsely claim compliance with ASTM E3022-18. We recommend you consult your auditor or QA manager for ASTM E3022-18 compliant lights.

Please also be advised that claims by manufacturers from low cost countries that UV LED replacement bulbs for mercury lights are in compliance with ASTM E3022-18, RRES 90061, AITM6-1001 AND NADCAP (!) are false. The ASTM E3022-18 standard requires detailed type test reports and unit test reports be generated and made available to the user of the UV light. These reports are generated using the UV lamp as whole and not using a single part or component. ASTM E3022-18, Section 1.2 clearly states: “These tests are intended to be performed only by the manufacturer to certify performance of specific lamp models (housing, filter, diodes, electronic circuit design, optical elements, cooling system, and power supply combination) and also includes limited acceptance tests for individual lamps delivered to the user”.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions for the same.